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Unleashing the power

of leaders and their teams

We accelerate growth and transformation processes so that organizations, leaders and teams can assume with greater power and meaning the challenges they face.

Every process of organizational change implies technical and adaptive changes.

A classic mistake:

managing adaptive changes as if they were technical.

Adaptive Consulting


Our Lines of Work

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C. level & leadership teams

We build and strengthen leadership teams' capabilities to create ambitious futures, commit to a winning culture that delivers results, generate synergies across the entire organization, and address critical strategic challenges that require constructive debate. 


Communication, trust, alignment.

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Value creating chains & teams

We enhance capabilities to execute together by producing a better coordination and collaboration between different areas and teams, so that processes flow, objectives are achieved, and value to customers and stakeholders is delivered.


Shared goals, synergy, standards.

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Innovation & adaptive culture

We generate the conversations, mindset, mood and culture that enables teams to act on value adding initiatives, declaring changes, taking calculated risks, learning from experience. 

“Taskforce” teams that innovate solving complex opportunities .

Change, culture, lean, learning. 

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Strategic execution

We increase the skill of teams and individuals to take effective action in executing the strategy of the organization. Each person takes ownership, recognizes his/her contribution, and takes care of actions and interactions with high impact in results and organizational capacity.


Care, accountability, ownership.

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Agile work models & mindset

We lead change to increase the capacity to operate in cross-function autonomous agile teams. We develop customer centric awareness and an adaptive mindset to take advantage of trends and create value in a fast pace, considering the organizational context.


Customer, autonomy, network.

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Generative leadership

We bring in leadership practices that increase performance, development and accountability at every level. Interactions focus on adding value, anticipating breakdowns and  generating the conditions for people to take care, commit, take action and find meaning in their contribution.


Empowerment, coaching, value.

About us

LEAP MINDSET brings together a team of experts dedicated to research and consultancy in processes of transformation and organizational change. In each of our processes we create, together with our clients, development strategies that consider:


Some of our customers

Some of our customers

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LEAP Mindset nos apoyó en Quala México en un momento de grandes retos y dificultades. La intervención fue profunda, y de este trabajo logramos definir la estrategia del negocio, alinearnos, energizar al equipo, establecer compromisos y formas de operar. Sin duda alguna hoy puedo afirmar que el trabajo del equipo de LEAP nos ayudó a transformar la compañía, convirtiéndose Quala México en una compañía exitosísima y reconocida por el mercado.


Santiago Velez CEO Quala México 2005 – 2017

LEAP Mindset nos ha colaborado de manera eficiente en la definición de roles y desarrollo de desempeño de los cargos gerenciales en TotalPlay. LEAP cuenta con colaboradores comprometidos y profesionales que han sumado valor a nuestra organización.

Ing. Rodrigo Gamero Director de Ventas TotalPlay


LEAP Mindset llegó a la línea de negocio de Retiros de Mercer Andica en un momento crítico cuando estaba naciendo. El proceso nos ayudó a poner orden, construir el objetivo común del equipo, reconocer lo que necesitábamos y mantener diálogos abiertos y sinceros para que el negocio funcionara. Posteriormente y con el crecimiento acelerado nos ayudó a desarrollar un equipo de líderes con la capacidad de crear valor de cara a los clientes y entregar los resultados que la compañía necesitaba. Conclusión de la historia con el acompañamiento de LEAP: un crecimiento promedio año a año del 30% en 8 años, CAGR del 45%, NOI positivo del 10% en el último año y un equipo listo y preparado para seguir adelante con la transformación.

Gustavo Sosa 

Principal Mercer International Consulting Group

Our team

Consultants and Coaches
Daniel Riaño

Daniel Riaño

Juan Pablo Giraldo

Juan Pablo Giraldo

Ximena Gaviria

Ximena Gaviria

Alberto Flores

Alberto Flores

Natalia Spinel

Natalia Spinel

Rodrigo Calderon

Rodrigo Calderon

Natalia Duque

Natalia Duque

Jorge Aristizábal

Jorge Aristizábal


Some info about our trajectory in +15 years













The full organizations are the main lever of change and evolution in the world today

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Action capacity
Action capacity

Our capacity for action is infinite although our resources are limited

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Productivity is the ability to create value for others, being at your service

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Communication materializes our ability to create with others

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Transforming implies evolving, changing the mentality and learning with reason, body, emotions and even with the soul

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The fulfillment of each person is linked to their purpose and a unique way of seeing and relating to the world

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